What are the criteria for choosing a hosting, what to look for

When deciding on a place for a database, many are looking for a hoster with low rates. However, the success and profitability also depend on the parameters of the server. In order for hosting to be as efficient as possible, you should focus on several criteria.

Technical support

The continuity of the online store depends on how quickly the company’s staff will respond to the appeal. It is important that employees are competent and can quickly fix the problem. You can verify the level of competence by evaluating the speed of answers to the questions posed.


It consists in regularly saving information and settings. In the event of a problem, you can quickly recover data and continue the resource. It is very important that the process takes place automatically. Thanks to this, it will be possible to exclude the human factor and insure against possible risks.

Download speed

It is important that the uptime indicator is at least 99.9%, which corresponds to 1 hour of downtime per month. In addition, you should pay attention to which disks the company offers to place the data. SSDs are fast and capable of handling heavy loads.

Number of databases

The type of this service determines how many databases of other users will be located simultaneously. Since resources are evenly shared between all participants, the more “neighbors” there are, the more restrictions there will be during work.

Disk space

Almost all hosters offer disks that can meet the requirements. Usually the figure is 1-2 GB. Better, of course, to give preference to the volume above the standard – from 5 GB.


The indicator depends on how many visitors to the online store can be on the site at the same time. The minimum size is 64 MB, but for optimal site performance it is better to focus on values in the range from 128 to 256 MB.

The trial period service is very useful. The client can test the work of the company and see if the hosting meets the desired requirements. Feedback from consumers of this service suggests that it is worth giving preference to a company with an average pricing policy. Before choosing Cheap Windows VPS hosting, it is worth visiting the provider’s website to get to know it better. The presence of all the necessary information indicates the serious work of the company.

Recommendations for choosing a hosting for an online store

Many business owners initially study reviews on the Internet, but you should not rely on them alone. There will always be those who are satisfied, and vice versa. More information can be obtained from the ratings. Today, there are many articles comparing the services of both domestic and foreign hosting companies.

The choice of hosting for an online store directly depends on its traffic and the number of products sold. If you are creating a test version or a small business card site, then you can use free services first, or you can choose a free platform for the store. For a small audience with a minimum amount of content, virtual or cloud hosting is suitable, in which you have to pay only for the resources used. For large, specific sites, physical hosting is required.

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