Aussie NBA players putting in the work, but no shooting stars in sight

Australian basketball players have long been known for their toughness and physicality. However, there is a need to shift away from this mindset and focus more on the importance of scoring. Historically, Australian players have struggled to become elite shooters on the world stage and in the NBA, with only a few exceptions such as Andrew Gaze and Patty Mills.

The current crop of Australian players in the NBA, including Ben Simmons, Josh Giddey, Dyson Daniels, Josh Green, and Dante Exum, all possess similar attributes as ball handlers and hustlers on the court, yet they lack efficiency in scoring. While players like Joe Ingles have improved their three-point shooting over time, there is still a clear need for Australian players to become more potent offensive weapons.

It may be too late for Simmons to transition into a more effective shooter, and players like Exum have historically been more focused on slashing rather than shooting from outside. The future of Australian basketball lies with players like Giddey, Daniels, and Green, who have the potential to develop into better shooters and contribute to the Boomers’ success in international competitions.

As the veterans like Ingles and Mills approach the end of their careers, there is a need for new blood to step up as long-range threats for the Boomers. Players like Green, Giddey, and Daniels will have an opportunity to redefine the offensive capabilities of Australian basketball on the world stage.