Challenges Ahead for Cron to Boost the East as a Super Rugby Force

The Western Force has had a tumultuous six years, going from being removed from Super Rugby to surviving with no set competition, thanks to a grassroots movement. They then received support from a mining billionaire who created a new competition for them. The onset of COVID led to the loss of that competition, and the team returned to Super Rugby. Despite the challenges, the Force achieved an NRC title and a maiden finals berth in Super Rugby AU.

Looking forward, the club aims to be the best club team in world rugby. The head coach, Simon Cron, is focused on turning the club into a Super Rugby contender. However, there are many challenges to overcome, such as recovering from the loss of competition and the lack of game time compared to other teams. The club is also working on developing local talent and improving its cohesion and player development.

In terms of performance on the field, the Force has struggled with cohesion, player depth, and tactics. They have had difficulties with attack and have faced challenges in critical positions, leading to an overall lackluster season. Despite this, there were some positive moments, such as a strong home record and competitive matches on the New Zealand tour. The season ended with the team narrowly missing out on a finals berth.

Looking ahead, the head coach is addressing the club’s cohesion issues and is working on building a competitive squad that reflects the diversity of Perth. The coach is also focused on improving player depth, with several new faces joining the squad. These efforts are aimed at making the Force a legitimate finals contender and a stronger force in the Super Rugby competition.