Djokovic’s candid comments on world No. 2, Australian unity, and revamped ranking points

Young gun Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic went head to head in a mega money encounter in Saudi Arabia recently. World No.2, Alcaraz, came out on top, squaring their personal duel at three wins each. The 20-year-old defeated Djokovic in front of a wealthy crowd, inconsequentially denting Djokovic’s confidence. Djokovic praised his younger rival, expressing admiration for the Spaniard’s talents. Alcaraz showed respect towards Djokovic, expressing the honor it was to face him on court. Both players were gracious in victory and defeat. Djokovic acknowledged the return of Rafa Nadal, a legend of the sport. Djokovic and Alcaraz both hope to face Nadal in upcoming matches. They just might, as the Australian Open final on January 28 may see the two playing each other. Additionally, both expressed appreciation for the evolution of tennis over the years and being part of that transformation. Meanwhile, in Perth, Australia battles tough opponents in the United Cup 2024 event, featuring a myriad of top players. Ebden remained confident in Australia’s chances. Finally, the ATP Tour has announced changes to the ranking system, affecting players outside the top ranks. The changes aim to optimize and balance the points earned in tournaments.