Dolphins’ First Year Success, but Replacing Dad’s Army Could be a Challenge

NRL’s silly season is here and Smart Signings is back! Last year’s NRL club, the Dolphins, did well turning their players into stars and now they need a new core of young, promising players. With players like Herbie Farnworth, Thomas Flegler and Jake Averillo joining, they need to replace the original, aging core. The list of off-contract stars is long and this includes Jesse Bromwich, Jarrod Wallace and Mark Nicholls, who will leave the club soon. Some new players that Redcliffe could consider are Tom Burgess, Jacob Saifiti and Daniel Saifiti. However, if they want a younger player to join, Brendan Piakura or Sitili Tupouniua could be good options. Other options could be Matty Lees and Morgan Knowles from St Helens in England. These are all players with the potential to perform well and improve the team. It will be interesting to see who the Dolphins choose to bring in before the next season starts.