Eddie Jones on his coaching future and bouncing back from Rugby World Cup flop

Despite overseeing the Wallabies’ worst result at a Rugby World Cup, Eddie Jones claims he is a “much better coach” than before he took over his home nation. Jones recently departed from his position as Wallabies coach and defended his decision-making in an interview with The Australian. He also stated that he expects to have a new job by the new year, with “several” suitors interested.

Jones’ reputation in Australian rugby is tarnished due to his abrupt resignation and the unsuccessful gamble on young players at the World Cup. There is now speculation about his next move. While Japan is looking for a new head coach, other emerging rugby nations like Fiji and Tonga also need someone to fill the role. However, they might not be able to match the financial incentives from Japan, French club rugby, or potentially the United States.

Jones stated that he resigned due to Rugby Australia’s inability to fulfill promises of financial resources and reform. He expressed his eagerness to get back into coaching, despite his recent poor record, and defended his decision to focus on young players during the World Cup.

His transparency about returning to Japan to coach deepens the cloud of controversy surrounding his previous interviews with the Japan Rugby Football Union. Jones claims that he has had no formal talks with Japan.

The Wallabies only won two of their nine tests in 2023, with both victories coming during the World Cup, and Jones attributes these circumstances to making him a better coach.

He also criticized the political and financial landscape of Australian rugby, urging stakeholders to embrace change for the sport’s future success. Jones used examples from the past to highlight the need for modernization and stressed the importance of obtaining collective will and financial support.