Embracing Multi-Format Contests: A Better Option for Opponents

The upcoming Boxing Day Test has not generated much excitement, with the possibility of rain and no selection intrigue after David Warner’s performance in Perth. Additionally, Pakistan has lost two more bowlers for the rest of the series. The lack of competition in bilateral Test cricket has led to suggestions for a format rethink. A multi-format series, similar to the women’s Ashes, could potentially bring much-needed unpredictability to the contest.

The BCCI’s decision to separate each format rather than having an overall trophy is considered a missed opportunity for an engaging series. As for the schedule, a proposal was made to have the first series end with the Boxing Day Test and the second series begin with the New Year’s fixture at the SCG. Additionally, multi-format series could alleviate the crowded calendar.

Australia’s next six Tests, including those against Pakistan and the West Indies, will be crucial in preparing for next summer’s five-match series against India. Players like Usman Khawaja and Marcus Harris will have the opportunity to fine-tune their performances. Despite the lack of interest leading up to the second Test, Melbourne fans are expected to turn out in big numbers.

Overall, the current format of the Boxing Day Test and bilateral Test cricket needs reconsideration to make the series more engaging and unpredictable.