Embracing the Difference: Madge’s Unique Fit for the Blues

Origin is more than just another game of rugby league – it is a unique competition that demands a different approach. Michael Maguire is the newly appointed coach for the Blues in 2023, and he must embrace this dichotomy. The previous regime’s emphasis on likability over effectiveness led to some shortcomings, so it’s crucial for Maguire to prioritize the present and focus on performance.

In Origin, it’s not about vibes or popularity – it’s about picking the best team, implementing the best tactics, and executing them effectively. The limited opportunities for building cohesion and game plans in only three games make it a challenging but exciting proposition. Maguire’s coaching style may have waned in club rugby league, but his success as a rep coach for the Kiwis is a testament to his abilities in a different arena.

Maguire’s move away from the traditional ‘shouting and discipline’ coaching style could bode well for the Blues, as modern players don’t respond to that approach. With a focus on inspiration and motivation, the limited lead-up time for Origin makes it a different challenge altogether. Maguire’s decision to prioritize form over incumbency is a step in the right direction.

Under Maguire, the Blues must embrace the uniqueness of Origin and select a team based on the current form and abilities, rather than past achievements. The focus should be on strategic selection and effective game plans, rather than replication of club strategies. With a supportive backroom staff and emphasis on understanding the demands of Origin, Maguire has the opportunity to put together a winning team. Only time will reveal the answers to the lingering questions surrounding player positions and selections, but Maguire’s fresh approach could be the key to success.