England’s Victory Over Malta Falls Short, Denmark Secures Euro Spot, Italy Gets Advantage

Gareth Southgate acknowledges England’s underperformance but remains confident in their capabilities as they prepare for the European Championship. The game against Malta ended in a 2-0 win for England, but the team struggled to meet the expected standard. Southgate emphasized the need for better quality and cohesion, especially in the first half. Despite the lackluster performance, Southgate praised individual efforts, highlighting Trent Alexander-Arnold and Marc Guehi. The win secured England’s place among the top seeds for Euro 2024.

Heading into the final qualification game against North Macedonia, Southgate dismissed concerns about his players’ attitude and motivation. He attributed the lackluster performance against Malta to a subconscious level of play, given the context of the match. Southgate remains focused on achieving glory in Germany and sees potential in his team, despite the subpar game.

On the qualification front, Italy secured a 5-2 victory against North Macedonia, needing only a draw against Ukraine to secure their Euro 2024 spot. Denmark also secured qualification with a 2-1 win against Slovenia, while the Czech Republic and Moldova remain in contention for qualification. Finally, Albania confirmed their place in Germany with a draw against Moldova, marking their second appearance at the Euros.

Overall, despite England’s disappointing performance against Malta, Southgate remains steadfast and optimistic about the team’s potential for success in the upcoming European Championship.