Enlightening the New Powerbrokers: The Agonising Rawness of RA’s Lightbulb Moment

Australian rugby has had a difficult time in recent months, but we should look to the future and focus on the priorities of the revitalized leadership. The new chair of Rugby Australia (RA), Daniel Herbert, and CEO Phil Waugh will need to unite the warring factions and restore the reputation of Australian rugby. Honesty and openness should be the cornerstone of the new era, with a focus on telling the truth and avoiding empty promises.

Engaging young players will be crucial for the future of the sport. Supporting established rugby schools and getting rugby into more public schools will ensure a steady supply of talent. Additionally, investing in quality rugby skills programs for schools and clubs will help players develop consistently.

Coaching development is also important, and the revival of the national coaching director position may be necessary. The National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) could provide valuable input into a robust coaching skills and pathways approach.

The success of Australia’s women’s sevens team should not be overlooked, and there is an opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in the media and the community. The new Super Rugby Pacific Commission will also play a significant role in restoring the integrity of the tournament and creating an engaging competition.

Overall, it’s essential for the leadership of RA to focus on these priorities and do their job effectively. By doing so, the success of Australian rugby should follow naturally.