Finding a Silver Lining: Wallabies 2023 and the Legacy of Eddie Jones’ World Cup

Eddie Jones has been announced as Japan head coach, seeping through to the bones. Press conference set at 7:30 PM AEDT. The mickey out of journos and commentators, news stories, analysis and opinions, the public arena. Every word can be scrutinized. The vast majority of rugby journos are fans. It is hard to separate the professional from the rugby fan. Obligation to provide sport coverage on rugby. Eddie Jones lost the trust of his home nation. Opinions on Eddie in 2023. Eddie Jones is someone I looked up to, leading Australia to a World Cup title defence. Rugby fan for life. Aussie rugby fans are really hurting right now. The chipping away of faith in the jersey. The continued underperformance of our lower level sides. The constant negative discussion that seems to have seeped into the bones of the sport here. The moment when you went from being interested in rugby to being a fan of rugby. The pain of losing is an old friend at this point. This is the lowest point for Australian rugby.