From Doubt to Support: Why ABs Legend Reversed Course on Razor, Farrell Returns After Mental Wellbeing Declaration

Andrew Mehrtens, a former teammate of Scott Robertson, believes that Robertson wouldn’t have been a good coach in the olden days but is the right fit for the current time. According to Mehrtens, the old model of coaching was prescriptive and involved the coach telling the team what to do, which is not applicable now. He believes that Robertson has the right skillset to create a successful environment for the national team.

Mehrtens also notes that Robertson is always keen to learn and delegate, making him a good fit for the modern coaching era. He also mentions that Robertson’s ability to develop players and empower them to take charge of their destiny is an important quality for the All Blacks.

While Robertson is unproven at Test level, Mehrtens believes he has earned the chance to prove himself. He is optimistic about Robertson’s ability to counter the rise in resources in northern hemisphere unions and believes that his innovative approach will be beneficial for the All Blacks.

In other news, Owen Farrell is set to return to club rugby after deciding to stand down from the England team. Australia’s women’s sevens team is determined to make it back-to-back world series triumphs in Cape Town after their victory in Dubai. Rugby New York has folded as Major League Rugby faces serious issues in the US, and players are reportedly looking for new teams.