ICC Ignores Fans’ Complaints on Slow Over Rates

Cricket is facing a lot of uncertainties about its future, with players wielding significant power over key decisions. The sport’s administration often seems to prioritize the desires of star players from India, Australia, and England over the overall well-being of the game. Traditionally, many administrators have focused on their interests rather than the sport’s, and this trend continues in the modern era. Players receive preferential treatment, exerting influence over various aspects such as scheduling, over rates, and video reviews. Slow over rates persist across professional cricket, impacting spectators’ experience and the sport’s overall value. The issue extends beyond Test cricket, affecting T20 games and time management during the matches. To address these problems, reducing the number of third umpire reviews, holding players accountable for incomplete match overs, and minimizing time-wasting activities during games are essential. Additionally, the anecdotes of cricket’s past should serve as a reminder of the sport’s former efficiency. Overall, addressing these issues is crucial in maintaining cricket’s quality and appeal.