Kickoff to Christmas: 12 Days of Rugby League Cheer

It’s Christmas and the end of another big year in rugby league. Some have been naughty, just ask the match review panel and judiciary, and others have been very nice, with both the NRL and NRLW crowning repeat premiers. Now, with the 12 days of Christmas almost upon us, it’s time for rugby league to give something back. As an unstable loved one and prolific gift-giver, Brendan Santi-Claus spent 12 days bestowing gifts. On the 12 days of Christmas, rugby league gave a Matt Ridge in a pine tree, two turtles at dummy half, three French tens, four calling birds, five Marvin Goldens on the wing, six Gleesons laying, seven Swanns a-selling, eight players milking, nine ladies advancing, ten ‘Lord Teds’ leaping, and eleven Panthers ‘peating.