Last-Minute Wonders: Six of Rugby League’s Most Dramatic Late Tries

The 2023 grand final is decided in a late-try-scoring fashion, and we all love a list of random stuff and nostalgic videos during the offseason. Trade it with a well-established hierarchy of dramatic late tries. Mark Coyne, Mal Meninga, Darren Albert, Royce Simmons, Steve Jackson, and Kyle Feldt are the holy six. Six less obvious, dramatic late shows are: Ron Roberts, Ken Hirst, Mick Reardon, Rod Wishart, Tonie Carroll, and Jack Welsby. The list is not complete without something from Queensland’s oeuvre. Tonie Carroll’s last-minute effort and Rod Wishart’s try are worth mentioning. Despite a lack of an audience, Jack Welsby’s late try at the Super League Grand Final 2020 was a dramatic moment.