Marky and Joey: The Next All-Australian Rugby Dual Internationals?

Two famous rugby code hoppers: Mark Nawaqanitawase will join the Roosters in the NRL from the Waratahs/Wallabies in 2025, while Anavaotau’a Iosefa Aukuso Sua’ali’i will be heading in the opposite direction. To be succinct, we’ll stick with “Marky” and “Joey” here.
When rugby league in Australia split from rugby union in 1908, it took with it many of union’s greatest players, including 10 Wallabies who then turned out in tests for the Kangaroos that year. These ten players became the first “All-Australian” rugby dual code internationals and a total of 47 players have now achieved “All-Australian” status.
Making the list is no mean feat, particularly when you consider that only seven players have done it this millennium, and they were all league players heading to union.
Let’s start with Marky, who’ll be in his prime at 24 years of age when he joins the Roosters in 2025. From an “All-Australian” perspective he’s already halfway there, with 11 tests for the Wallabies under his belt, so he just needs to be selected for the Kangaroos to complete the double.
Now what about our Joey? He’s 3 years younger than Marky and is also a lethal attacking weapon both in the air and with the ball in hand. He probably hasn’t fully filled out yet and when he does, he’ll be a very difficult proposition for any defence to deal with.