“Outlandish In-Season Tournament Floor Designs: So Bad They’re Good” – Clippers’ Curse Continues with Harden Trade

The NBA’s In-Season Tournament floor designs have been somewhat controversial among fans, but regardless of opinions, they have successfully achieved their intended goal. They have brought attention to the inaugural tournament, leading to increased TV ratings and more intensity in early-season games. This has been a significant improvement from the usual forgettable early-season matches, as teams begin their 82-game journey to the playoffs.

While some designs have been criticized for being eye-wateringly bad, such as Chicago’s red-on-red court, others like New Orleans’ purple and green have been praised for their creativity. According to the NBA, viewership for In-Season Tournament games is up 55% from the corresponding matches last year, contributing to an 11% increase in overall regular-season ratings. Players seem to be putting in more effort during IST matches, showing increased competitiveness which has been positively received.

However, keeping up with the standings has been challenging due to some teams playing more games than others, making it difficult to keep track of group placements. The NBA’s attempt to ensure fairness by dividing the franchises into groups based on last year’s standings has raised some concerns. It was suggested that using the pre-existing three five-team divisions in each conference might have been a better approach, providing fans with a better understanding of the groupings.

The LA Clippers’ recent acquisition of James Harden has captured significant attention, with many fans expressing mixed emotions about the trade. Harden’s arrival was expected to enhance the team’s offensive capabilities by complementing All-Star duo Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but the Clippers experienced five straight losses before finally securing a win with him in the lineup. Harden’s performance has been under scrutiny, as he struggled initially but showed some improvement in his recent game.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers, who received draft capital from the Harden trade, have been thriving with a 9-3 record, positioned just behind the Boston Celtics. Despite parting ways with last season’s assists leader, they are showcasing a strong performance this season. The acquisition of Nicolas Batum and Robert Covington, along with the emergence of young guard Tyrese Maxey, has significantly impacted their success, leaving the team in a favorable position both on the court and in future trade prospects.