Patience is Key: Australia should refrain from pressuring Green

If I was building an Australian Test squad today, Cameron Green would not be in my lineup. His lack of form is a major concern. Despite scoring 96 against a weakened Queensland team in the final round of the Sheffield Shield, he has struggled to find consistent runs against other opponents. His Test statistics have also been disappointing, with only 352 runs at an average of 29.3 since the West Indies series last year.

The main issue seems to be a mental one, as his technical ability appears to be sound. However, he has failed to convert his starts into big scores, suggesting that he may be fatigued and in need of a break from the intense international spotlight. The best course of action for Green and the selectors would be to send him back to Western Australia and the Perth Scorchers to regain his form in domestic competitions.

It is important to prioritize Green’s confidence and allow him to enjoy the game again without the pressure of performing at an international level. This approach has worked for many Test cricketers in the past and could help Green rediscover his best form. His long-term success will be crucial for the future of Australian cricket, and giving him the opportunity to regain his confidence in lower-level competition is the best way to achieve that goal.