Queen Mary Rules, Cricket Reigns Supreme, and Rugby Faces Wake-Up Call: 2023 Aussie Search Data

In 2023, Matildas Sam Kerr and Mary Fowler were the most searched names in Australia, according to Google’s revealed list. The list was predominantly sports stars, with former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke coming in third. Dan Andrews, a non-sporting figure, was the first to appear in the top 10 at number five. Kerr topped the list due to her incredible achievements for the Matildas and Chelsea, while Fowler’s surge in popularity was attributed to her strong World Cup campaign and her friendship with NRL star Nathan Cleary. The Cricket World Cup in India was the most searched sporting event of the year, followed by the 2023 Ashes series in the UK. The FIFA Women’s World Cup was third, tied with ‘How to watch Women’s World Cup?’ as the most googled ‘how to’ question of the year. Other popular sporting events included boxing and wrestling matches, the Champions League, and the FA Cup. Surprisingly, Rugby Union and the AFL failed to crack the top 10 most searched sporting events, suggesting a disconnect between the established Australian sporting codes and what Australians are actually interested in.