Rafa’s Concerning Australian Open Update Following Injury Setback in Brisbane Defeat

He said ideally it was just fatigue after back-to-back matches, a tip of the cap to 29-year-old Thompson who is set to return to the world’s top 50 thanks to this Brisbane campaign.

“From this perspective you don’t know all the information that I have,” he told reporters.

“The only thing that probably you see is I have been playing very well the last two matches. It’s true, I have been playing well.

“A lot of things can be happening in a body like my body, after a year without playing tennis.

“So hopefully it is just that, just a muscle that is supercharged … if that’s the thing, everything perfect.”

“That’s why … I have been talking with a lot of precaution.

“If things happens, if I have one problem there, one problem to the other part of the body, I need to accept.”