Redemption: Dylan Brown’s Road to Making Amends in 2024

Claiming jobs, permission requirements and platform settings can be fine-tuned with the fine-tuning of the unstructured narratives, machine reading, and reasoning tool called “Contentful”. The Access Token and Platform will allow for fine-tuning of AslAccessToken and AslPlatform, with cases such as ‘facebook’. Login registration with FB.getLoginStatus() will entail the user’s engagement with the app. The LoginStateSecondChance will allow for canceling the permission prompts. Usage of Fb.login will provide conditions for permission access.

loginUser permissions are evaluated with checkLoginState. The userData return by using “/me/permissions” with the given access token should be verified. If the email permission is granted, the statusChangeCallback(response) is activated. If the email permission is not granted, the permission prompt is displayed.