Rugby Australia’s Recruitment Game: Targeting NRL and AFL Talent Off the Field

In the past, my wife and I were devoted fans of the Force and rugby in general. We would travel far and wide to watch games and immerse ourselves in the sport. We even had some memorable encounters with players after games. However, our passion for the sport has waned over the years.

Our disenchantment with rugby began at the Force. Despite being high-paying members, we felt disconnected from the players and the team. It was disheartening to see the lack of passion and commitment from the players, especially compared to the engagement and dedication we saw from players in other sports like AFL.

Even though our son played rugby, we found that the club and the players did not connect with young fans in the same way that teams in other codes did. This was a significant factor in our decision to shift our focus to other sports like NFL and college football.

In light of these experiences, I believe that Rugby Australia needs to prioritize engaging with grassroots fans and players. They need to learn from the success of other codes and invest in building a strong connection with young fans. It’s essential for the future of the game and its prominence on the world stage.

Ultimately, our disengagement from rugby is a reflection of the larger systemic issues within the sport. It’s time for Rugby Australia to take meaningful action to revitalize the sport and win back fans like myself.