Simmons’ Fear of Shooting Could Cost Him Millions, but There’s Hope for Recovery

Ben Simmons has made a significant leap towards restoring his NBA value. But just when you thought he was back on track, another injury has halted his redemption season. The 27-year-old Australian has been sidelined for Brooklyn’s last two matches due to a hip injury he suffered while driving to the hoop against Milwaukee earlier this week. In the six games of his first full season since 2018-19, there are signs of improvement. However, his offensive output is almost negligible. Despite taking jump shots in practice, it has yet to materialize on the NBA floor. His free throw shooting is also poor. Nets coach Jacque Vaughn is giving him a decent amount of minutes per game, so hope is not lost. Simmons will need to step up and improve his output if he wants to restore his reputation as a former All-Star and All-NBA caliber player. His current trajectory will only make him a high-level role player, which can cost him millions. However, there is potential for him to regain his value and land another huge deal in the future. With his injury, it is uncertain what the future holds for Simmons. And regarding any appearances for the Olympic Games, that seemed unlikely as he has been promising to represent Australia since 2013.