Smith’s T20 World Cup spot in jeopardy as white-ball returns diminish

Australian batter Steve Smith’s proficiency and experience testify that he is one of the best modern batters in cricket. However, his performance in T20 cricket, particularly in T20s for Australia, has been subpar, raising questions about his suitability for the format. The article highlights Smith’s struggle in adapting to the fast-paced, power-hitting nature of T20 cricket, as well as his relatively moderate T20 statistics. Comparisons are made to players like Glenn Maxwell, who exhibit stronger suitability to the T20 format.

The article also discusses the upcoming T20 World Cup and the implications for the Australian squad. It points out that Smith faces stiff competition from younger players who have been more consistent in T20 cricket, implying uncertainty about his spot in the national team. Ultimately, the article suggests that Smith’s time in the Australian T20 squad may be limited, given the emergence of younger, more suitable options.