The Australian Adoration for Test Cricket: Genuine Passion or Just Home Advantage?

One hundred years ago, only three teams played Test cricket. Fast forward to the present, and the situation for other national teams is concerning due to the dominance of the Big Three nations and the ICC. The lack of focus on the other nations could result in history repeating itself soon. More must be done to promote the other nine Test-playing nations, including financial incentives, to ensure they continue to thrive. The upcoming tours of Australia by Pakistan and the West Indies still show that there is some level of interest in Test cricket in the country. However, poor performances by the touring teams may hinder fan engagement. There is a need to avoid over-reliance on nostalgia and give attention to current cricketing nations. While it may be fiscally responsible for Cricket Australia to prioritize larger cricketing nations, they are also taking steps in the right direction by increasing the number of Tests against New Zealand and hosting matches against lower-profile countries such as Bangladesh. However, it is crucial for the ICC and the major cricketing nations to offer more support to smaller cricketing nations and ensure the survival of Test cricket as T20 continues to gain popularity.