The Broadcast Value of Socceroos and Matildas: A Close Look at Their Impact

The Matildas recently earned high ratings during their Women’s World Cup campaign, and the Socceroos have also garnered strong support on the world stage. The upcoming corporate broadcast deal for Australia’s national football teams is expected to be financially significant. The Matildas’ viewership during the World Cup surpassed that of other major sporting events, suggesting the potential for football to grow in Australia. There has been a surge in participation in football across the country, particularly in the women’s game. The broadcast deal for the national teams holds great potential, especially with the upcoming tournaments and qualifiers. Football Australia CEO James Johnson is navigating negotiations for the broadcast rights, and the outcome has the potential to greatly benefit the sport. If negotiations are successful, the broadcast deal will reflect the growing interest in Australian football, making it a significant force in the sports industry.