The Case for Rugby Australia’s Decision: Hamish’s Outburst Affirms Best Interests of the Game

The resignation of Hamish McLennan from Rugby Australia this week resulted in a statement from the six unions that had wanted him gone. They claimed that his resignation was a demonstration of acting in the best interests of the game. However, McLennan’s reaction to the coup and his subsequent actions made a mockery of those words, showing his lack of commitment to the best interests of Rugby Australia.

McLennan accused Herbert and Clark of orchestrating a “Queensland takeover” of Rugby Australia and claimed to have evidence through text messages obtained by his favorite News Corp newspaper, The Australian.

However, the reality was that McLennan had lost control of the numbers and was out the door. His failure to go quietly and his constant bluster have only emphasized why many thought he should go. McLennan’s hubris and desperation to win a PR battle after the job was taken from him were on full display.

Meanwhile, his demise has been warmly welcomed across the ditch, with Kiwi columnist Mark Reason writing that New Zealand Rugby is joyful at McLennan’s departure. Reason claimed that McLennan’s hindrance to the development of Super Rugby led to his removal.

McLennan’s reaction seems to show his willingness to prioritize his reputation over the betterment of rugby in Australia. His constant bluster, involvement in a code war, and his reluctance to step down quietly all demonstrate that his actions may not always have been in the best interest of the sport.