The Case for Smart Signings: Why the Tigers Should Invest in the Future

With the NRL finals over and the November 1 contract deadline passed, the NRL’s silly season is now open. Smart Signings is back, relaunching into the chaotic rumor mill to provide a realistic and sensible analysis of where clubs need to improve. We don’t engage in rumors, only facts and insights. We predicted that the Wests Tigers would finish last this year, and with Tim Sheens leaving and Benji Marshall in charge, this could be possible. Last year’s Smart Signings: Tigerland highlighted the team’s deficiencies and how they should be improved. We suggested that the team should focus on strengthening their backline and pack, something that they failed to do, and now they are paying the price. The current signings that have been made are not inspiring much confidence in the Tigers’ prospects for the upcoming season. They need to focus on creativity and invest in players who can make a real impact. The best recommendation we have is to sign Jarome Luai for halfback. He has an impressive track record, which should be enough to convince the Tigers that he is the right signing for them. Other alternatives are slim, and he could be the key to the club’s success. The Tigers can offer him a significant amount of money and the chance to be the main player at the club. If the higher-ups can convince Luai that this would be a good move for him, it would be well worth the investment.