The Critical Factors that Will Determine the Fate of Smith’s Opening Gambit

Australia’s move to make Steve Smith an opener could be a successful move, depending on the results of future series against India and the Ashes in 2025-26. Smith’s performance as an opener against the West Indies and New Zealand will determine the success of the experiment. If Smith fails as an opener, several other cricketers will be vying for the position.

Smith’s future performance in the Sheffield Shield, as well as series in Sri Lanka and the Caribbean, will further test his capabilities as an opener. However, at 34, Smith’s age and physical condition may make it difficult for him to maintain his position as he has started to show signs of wear and tear.

The move to open is aimed at ensuring Australia fields its best team. However, Smith has faced challenges against India and England in the past and has been unable to replicate his earlier success. Despite his record-breaking career, Smith’s recent performances have not been as dominant as in the past.

The experiment to move Smith to opener will be closely watched, and his performance in upcoming series will determine the viability of this long-term option.