The impact of the Coronavirus on French cinema

The impact of the Coronavirus on French cinema

We brought together our team of experts (no) and they looked at the repercussions of the current crisis on French cinema. It’s gonna be ugly. The health crisis linked to the Coronavirus has an impact and repercussions on all sections of society, including the entertainment industry. Since there is not only music in life, we were interested in the consequences of the pandemic on French cinema. And our projections are alarming, to say the least.

The revenge of women and blacks on the Caesars

The 45th C├ęsars du cinema ceremony was held in Paris in the Salle Pleyel on February 28 of this year. Knowing that France was slow to understand that the nasty virus was there, we can assume that people in the room were infected without even knowing it. However, between the comings and goings, the buffet, the media tour in the press room, the shaking of hands, the kisses, the hugs, the blowjobs in the toilets, and simply the proximity of the people present between them, one can think that a number of people present that evening were infected. So hopefully they will all die and a new generation that is healthier in body and mind will take over. Simply watch free movies online and discover more about French cinema.

Rejuvenation of the landscape

As we now know, the virus will not go away suddenly but rather gradually, depending on the progress of the treatments but also on the respect of containment by the population. However, among the people considered “at-risk”, there are obviously the elderly. And in French cinema, whether in front of or behind the camera, there are really plenty of old people. Who will therefore not be allowed to go out without risking ending up on a ventilator until very late, in principle last? Suddenly it is the youngest who will be the first to be able to resume filming. Why not.

Dial will be sacrificed for the cause

With the current health crisis, all cinemas are closed and all distributors (Sony, Universal, Warner, Disney, SND, and all the others ) have postponed all releases from the end of March, April and May. March 25 was supposed to release Operation Portugal, the film based on Djal’s sketch. While the rest of the releases are mostly postponed to a minimum at the end of June – beginning of July, Operation Portugal for its part was announced for reprogramming on June 17. This is the “closest” of the postponements so far. So there are two things: either this film and its audience will serve as scouts to see if the theaters fill up normally again, or Djal and his audience will come out much too early, be infected, and die slowly, a bit like the poor souls who try to cross the security perimeter before everyone else in a disaster movie. It is also possible that from the start it was a very elaborate plan to kill Djal’s audience but it would be a little petty and above all very expensive.

A realistic version of the facts will be refused by the studios

And yes, there will necessarily be one or even filmmakers who will want to report on the situation they have seen and experienced. Except that no serious studio can produce that. Let’s face it for two minutes, what would this script look like? A story that begins with a Chinese man eating bald soup -mouse or pangolin before being infected with a new unknown virus, a global epidemic in just a few weeks because all countries do anything, local populations who understand nothing, Parisians who listen strictly no instructions and who leave to contaminate the rest of France, the official power that encourages people to vote despite the pandemic, the police who take the opportunity to beat young people in the neighborhoods, the increase in domestic violence in confinement, the champions who make reserves of PQ, the increasingly stupid statements of politicians, hospitals that turn out to be overwhelmed and powerless because no one listened to them when they complained about the lack of resources and an economic system completely in the face of such a crisis.

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