The Long Game: Are Australian Selectors’ Decisions with the Test Team Right?

Amid all the criticism targeted towards the Australian selectors, one question has been left out – What if they’re correct? Despite many concerns about the aging nature of the current team, their reluctance to end David Warner’s career early has not backfired. They have managed to retain the Ashes and are poised to sweep the series against Pakistan.

While the selectors received backlash for their World Cup squad decisions, they emerged victorious. The current Test team’s age raises questions about when new players will come in, with no one in the team under 29.

Experience among the players means that fresh legs may not be brought in for an extended period. However, it remains unclear when the aging stars plan to retire, making it difficult for the selectors to plan long term. Position by position, there may be only a few spots up for grabs in the next five years, aside from fill-in roles.

As part of the long-term plan, the selectors may not rush new blood into the team, as the drop-off in incumbent players could be a lengthy process. This view is supported by the fact that the selectors have managed to retain the Ashes and may not see a need to make major changes.