The Panthers’ Toughest Test: Finding a Replacement for Luai in Succession Planning

Recruitment Policies Helped The Panthers To Be On Top

The Panthers don’t have much to prove when it comes to their recruitment policy. They have produced many great players in their own system and have won three premierships, entering the fourth as favorites. However, this year their recruitment policy will be seriously tested with the departure of player Jarome Luai. The club will need to find a new five-eighth, which will not be an easy task.

Penrith has been able to backfill every departure so far, as they have a great youth system and have managed to keep the most essential players in their squad. Their recruitment team will relish this challenge and will likely look to their juniors to fill the void left by Luai. Jack Cole, a promising youngster from Orange, seems to be the next in line to step into a key position role at five eighth.

Replacing Luai will be no easy feat, and the Panthers will need to manage expectations throughout the transition. It’s a tough ask, but the club has a history of replacing stars with young players, and they have the potential to succeed once again with Jack Cole.