Unlocking Potential: How the Tigers Hindered Luke Brooks’ Development

Luke Brooks is one of the most fascinating players in the NRL. He has played over 200 games of first grade, but his talent is still uncertain. With his recent signing for Manly, it remains to be seen if his skills will shine or if they will continue to fall short. Many consider his career at Wests Tigers to be a disappointment, but he has not been surrounded by the best players. The central criticism was not that he wasn’t good, but that he wasn’t worth his hefty pay check. Despite this, when the Tigers were close to being decent, Brooks was their best player. Now, with Manly, he has the potential to thrive with the support of a talented team and experienced leadership. While his past performance at the Tigers may have been disappointing, he will now have the opportunity to prove himself as a key player at Manly. With the right support and the chance to play in his prime years, there is hope that Brooks will finally reach his full potential.