Unraveling the Premier League’s 2023 Goal Scoring Spree

PR machine cranks up as Premier League enjoys goal rush
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There’s something to boost the Premier League’s rampant PR machine following the latest round of fixtures. English soccer fans have rarely seen so many goals this season, as the average number of goals per game before the latest round was 3.16 — easily the highest since the competition started in 1992 and the most in England’s top division since the mid-1960s, according to stats company Opta. Across Tuesday and Wednesday, there were 24 goals in eight games, which sustains the seasonal average in a league that just sold its domestic TV rights for a record $12.8 billion for the next four years.

So, why are there so many goals this season? One factor might be the longer games, as the Premier League implemented a more accurate calculation of additional time, allowing for games going on longer. Another reason could be a clampdown on time-wasting and other things like dissent toward match officials, leading to more opportunities for goals. Additionally, the recent hiring of attack-minded coaches and the increase in red cards also contribute to the high goal numbers. The rise of ball-playing defenders and goalkeepers and the weakness of the promoted teams who gained promotion last season are also factors in the increased goal tally this season.

The significant goal tally in this season’s Premier League has attracted the attention of the soccer world, leading to high expectations and excitement among fans and broadcasters.