V’Landys-ball: A Look at Premiership Thefts, Field Goals, and the NRL’s All-Time Power Rankings

If you go back in time to Sydney in the 1900s, you might find rugby league’s pioneers playing a game similar to rugby union. Rugby league slowly evolved in Australia and reflected societal events. World War II further boosted the game’s momentum, leading to epochal divergences from union in 1967 and 1993.

The fifth era of rugby league, dubbed ‘V’landys-ball’, began after May 2020. The new rules aim to create more open, free-flowing rugby and address issues with wrestling. While scoring has increased, the trend since 2020 shows more frequent and intense blowouts.

Trivia such as field goals and milestones in points scored by various teams highlight the changes. The concept of unofficial champions has emerged, with the Dolphins becoming the 23rd unofficial champion in 2023 after beating the Warriors.

The article also discusses the all-time NRL power rankings, filling vacant titles with Manly and Canterbury winning minor premierships, and the Sydney Roosters winning major premierships in 2007 and 2009. The article concludes by discussing the all-time rankings and how the greatest team of all time will be determined.